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Founded in New Delhi in 2020, Apara Disum is a brand built firmly on the integration of High Art & jewellery.
The brand's core philosophy is to renovate heritage artforms, combined with traditional jewellery making practices and a cutting-edge design language, to create one-of-a-kind jewellery that feels straight out of paradise.



'Dreamscapes' is a collection of jewellery that incorporates hand-painted canvases and forms.

It's an assemblage of royal artefacts, jewels, animals & illuminated print styles from across cultures, space and time. These elements are collaged together to create original prints that have been meticulously hand-painted by award winning artists in India and framed by traditional goldsmiths into unique jewellery.

Made in hypoallergenic brass, bedazzled with original Swarovski & cubic zirconium.

"Each piece is hand-painted and like no other."